Report on Monitoring Visit of the EQOPP Project and Overall Project Recommendations


The purpose of this report is to assess the project progress in line with the objectives of the project “Equal Opportunities for Students With Special Needs in Higher Education” (EQOPP)
During the monitoring trip, the team of external evaluators visited the eight public universities involved in the EQOPP project. The evaluators’ team was composed representatives of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and the University of Alicante and accompanied by the University of Sarajevo as Project Coordinator. The EQOPP partner universities all provided a comprehensive report previous to the visit and gave a presentation about the establishment and for further development of the Support Offices and their involvement in the EQOPP project. It shall be noted the positive attitude towards the monitoring visit and willingness to answer the evaluators´ questions. The report reflects the points identified by the evaluators as the most relevant for the work package 5 “Quality Plan” and it shall be noted that the monitoring intention was not to evaluate the entire project and Support Office.
The questions were relatives to the most relevant areas that are:
– Establishment and functioning of the Disabled Students Support Office
– The identification process for the disabled students
– Services provided to disabled students and the university Community on issues related to disabled students integration and learning support
– Training of administrative and academic staff on disabled students special leaning needs
– Dissemination & promotion activities
– Work plan and the revision and integration of the workplan

Financing & sustainability of the Disabled Students Support Office

The Report will be presented at the Final Conference in March 19th and 21st at the University of Sarajevo.

Report on Monitoring Visit of the EQOPP Project (download PDF 1.2 MB)