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If you want to be identified, please download the following questionnaire and send it to e-mail of the support office. – Identification questionnaire

How do special needs occur?

Special needs occur as a consequence of complex interaction between personal factors and environmental factors, and can be understood as some kind of a conflict between emotional and social requirements and requirements important for studying that are posed in front of a person, and the resources the particular person possesses for answering to those demands.
All persons can be differentiated by physical and intellectual abilities, skills, knowledge, behaviour, and their personality. The differences represent consequences of different experience, cultural environment and other factors that influence the particular individual.

Who are students with special needs?

Students with special needs form a heterogeneous group which includes students with physical disabilities, hearing impairments, visual impairments, specific learning disabilities, mental disabilities, students with speech and language disorders, chronic illnesses, students at risk for belonging to ethnic minorities, academically disadvantaged students, those with low socio-economic status, students who have experienced trauma, violence, etc.

Support office

Support office is a coordinating body within the University, which contributes to creation of a society to which every person belongs, and in which he or she takes active participation. Support office cherishes the inclusive educational environment ready to provide support for students with special needs, via:

  • establishing and maintaining partnerships with faculties, and academic staff
  • promoting the University awareness of disability issues
  • providing guidelines with regards to University policies and procedures that ensure full participation for students with disabilities in all aspects of university life.

The task of the Support office is to make sure that students with special needs have equal access to all university programmes and activities. The Support office provides the students with the opportunity to reach their full potential by:

  • coordinating the activities of academic adjustments and support services
  • promotes independence and self-representation
  • provides information and points to adequate resources.

Through their activities, the Support office will encourage students with special needs or disabilities to become responsible adults who make their own decisions, solve their own problems, and represent their own interests.