For teachers



According to the Law on Higher Education (Framework Law on Higher Education BiH, Official Gazette 59/07, and and Law on Higher Education of Tuzla Canton, Official Gazette of Tuzla Canton No. 8/08), a HEI may not discriminate students on any basis, including the disability (Article 7/Article 10). HEIs in BiH are not to give students with disability less favourabl
e treatment than to students without disability, and are obliged to take reasonable accommodation for all students, and to provide them with the conditions that will prevent their disadvantaged position.

Students should be treated with respect, objectively, openly, and justly, as well as in accordance with ethical principles. In case one gets familiar with students’ privacy, one should behave strictly confidential. Students with special needs form a heterogeneous group which includes students with physical disabilities, hearing impairments, visual impairments, specific learning disabilities, mental disabilities, students with speech and language disorders, chronic illnesses, students at risk for belonging to ethnic minorities, academically disadvantaged students, those with low socio-economic status, students who have experienced trauma, violence, etc.

Academic staff can provide support for students with special needs if they are encouraged to express their needs, and in coordination with the Centre of Support for Students with Special Needs. Students with special needs are to be helped with solving specific problems they may encounter in their studies.
In case you need advice or help regarding the opportunities for supporting students with speial needs in order to create conditions and incentives for their undisturbed studies, you may contact the Support office/Centre.